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We are glad you're here

Our clinical team at Holder Wellness welcomes you. We are all EMDR trained or certified and trained in other therapeutic approaches. We are inclusive and affirming. We have a specialty in trauma as well as supporting our military and first responders. Please click on our pictures to learn more about us.

Beth Holder LMFT

Clinical Director

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #52156


Stephenie Ilagan MA

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #15530


Photo Of Therapist And Owner Beth  Wearing Long Sleeve Blue Top, White Necklace, Glasses, And Smiling.

Elowyn Udarbe-Gustafson MA

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #143652


Photo Elowyn "Mia" AAPI, brunette, dark brown hair, smiling, denim shirt

Kayla Smyth MA

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #136541


Photo of Kayla, caucasian, brunette, smiling 30 something

Kasey Phillips MA

 Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #141536

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor#14592



Photo of Kasey, caucasian blonde, smiling, early 40's. Black blazer with blue top

Jen Shih

Office Manager


Photo of Jen office manager, smiling, caucasian, blond hair, black long sleeved shirt
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